What Are Your Prices?

Generally, our prices are quite competitive with dry cleaning.

What are your scheduled Pick Up and Drop Off days?

On the morning of your pick-up, leave the H2Only Cleaners bag that we provide on your front porch, or any location that you designate, by 8:00 am. We will be by to collect the garments to be cleaned and leave any cleaned garments hanging on the door hanger which we also provide.  NOTE:  H2Only Cleaners will not be responsible for loss or damage, including theft or weather related damage, prior to pick-up or after delivery, of items OR if hangers are returned inside your cleaning bag--the hooks of hangers will often damage garments.  On rainy days when you have an order to be picked up, use a eco-plastic bag from a previous delivery to protect your garment inside your bag from dye transfer by becoming saturated.

Where can I find other pollution free wet cleaners?

Right now, there are just a hand-full in North America and they are mostly in Canada.  Our location is the first in North Carolina and possibly on the East Coast.  The South Coast Air Quality Management District in Orange County California has banned the sale of all new Perc dry cleaning machines effective 1/1/03.  Similar action has been suggested in the Chicago and New York City areas.

Why doesn't my regular dry cleaner offer pollution free wet cleaning?

Your regular dry cleaner can contact our sister company, H2Only Cleaning Systems, for equipment and supplies required for wet cleaning.  H2Only Cleaning Systems represents the Míele, Veit, and Solvent Free Lines in the Carolinas, Georgia, Eastern Tennessee, Alabama, and Virginia.

What about drycleaners that claim to be Organic or Environmentally Friendly?

The definition of organic referring to chemical compounds is a far cry from the definition when used to describe fruits and vegetables.  See below:

organic   or-'gan-ik
adj 1: relating or belonging to the class of chemical compounds having a carbon basis; "hydrocarbons are organic compounds" [ant: inorganic] 2: of or relating to or derived from living organisms; "organic soil" 3: being or relating to or derived from or having properties characteristic of living organisms; "organic life"; "organic growth"; "organic remains found in rock" [ant: inorganic] 4: involving or affecting physiology or bodily organs; "an organic disease" [ant: functional] 5: of or relating to foodstuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones; "organic eggs"; "organic vegetables"; "organic chicken" 6: simple and healthful and close to nature; "an organic lifestyle" 7: constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup) [syn: constituent(a), constitutional, constitutive(a)] n : a fertilizer that is derived from animal or vegetable matter [syn: organic fertilizer, organic fertiliser]

Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University

Essentially, any alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, and other dangerous compounds may be referred to as organic.  Even DDT, the infamous pesticide of the 70's, is organic!

So these clever cleaners are not technically lying as their hydrocarbon dry cleaning method fits definition 1, while the consumer naively believes they actually mean definition 5 or 6.  Only you can decide if you want to trust your wardrobe to a cleaners who has already demonstrated their willingness to deceive you.

Who is Míele ?

Míele is a 100+ year old family owned business.  They manufacture premium quality appliances, both professional and domestic, for sale all around the world.  In fact, Míele, produced the first washing machine.  Míele also is renowned for their vacuum cleaners and their cleaning and filtering capabilities.  You can purchase Míele domestic appliances at Appliance World, (919) 571-1803, and Kitchen and Bath Galleries, (919)783-7100, in the Triangle area.  The vacuum cleaners can be purchased at Capital Vacuum Floor Care World (919) 878-8530 in Raleigh or (919) 467-2834 in Cary.

Are you a member of the IFI (International Fabricare Institute, now the DLI)?

When we first opened, we were members of the IFI.  Their mission statement at that time was: Serving Wet Cleaners, Dry Cleaners, and Laundry Professionals."  The very next year when we were to renew our membership, they changed their mission statement to:  Representing the Dry Cleaning Industry.

We felt that they were rejecting our wet cleaning process and had become "lobbyists" for perc manufacturers and perc dry cleaners, since the great majority of their membership are ordinary perc solvent dry cleaners.   It is not an inexpensive proposition to belong to any professional organization, let
alone one that has demonstrated that it does not wish to fully represent you.  Given their change of direction, we opted not to renew.

That being said, I believe that you will see a Professional Wet Cleaning Society soon.  Stay Tuned!

What is European Tensioning?

European Tensioning is a process to finish your garments without crushing them between "hot-head" presses as a conventional dry cleaners uses.  The life of your buttons and the garment fibers themselves are prolonged.  Our Veit European Tensioning Equipment is the same equipment used by clothing manufacturers  to finish new clothes when they are delivered to retailers.  A benefit to using this equipment is the ability to limit or eliminate shrinkage, and even to restore shrunken garments to their original size.  Your clothes will no longer seem to "shrink" as much in your closet.  Bring in that pair of jeans or suit that just doesn't fit like it used to!

How is Wet Cleaning Different Than Regular Laundry?

Wet Cleaning differs from ordinary Laundry in several ways and can be best described as "A method for effectively cleaning and removing water soluble stains from a typically dry clean only garment".

First, we use specialized computer controlled equipment that can be very precisely programmed for different fabrics.  Míele Professional Wet Cleaning Equipment uses a patented "scoop and ladle" drum to minimize water usage
in every cycle.  Wools and silks are not submerged in water but are gently moistened to remove soils from the fibers.  Other items, like dress shirts will require a higher water level, and table linens could require even more.

Second, we use special biodegradable soaps, spotters, and conditioners that are scientifically formulated from natural sources like soy, citrus, and banana oil.  These allow us to protect and clean the individual fibers of a garment as well as imparting a slight water and stain repellency to further protect your clothing.

And third, our Míele Professional Dryers achieve exactly the optimum residual moisture level for perfect finishing.

The United States Federal Trade Commission is now instituting the "Wet Clean" and "Professionally Clean" care symbols of care labels for garments sold in the US. 

My Clothes didn't get delivered today.  Why?

Our delivery schedule is dependent on our production schedule.  Holidays may disrupt production when we give our hard working employees the day off.  For example:  A Monday holiday means that no cleaning, pressing, or delivery will be done on that day.  Items picked up the previous Friday, will be cleaned on Tuesday instead of Monday and will be delivered on the following Friday.  See this calendar to view scheduled holidays and affected delivery days.  Of course foul weather can affect delivery as well.  Call 598-0583 to find out if your order did not come back on an icy, snowy, or extremely windy day.

There was a tag on one of my garments that said a stain could not be removed.  Can anything else be done?

That tag means that we have taken all steps which are reasonable and prudent to remove the stain without possible to the garment.  While it still may be possible to remove the stain there is a risk in doing so, such as fiber damage or color loss/change.

Many customers decide that will no longer wear the garment in its stained condition and authorize us to attempt removal at all costs.  Other customers choose to continue to wear the garment as is or have it altered to hide or eliminate the stained portion--i.e. turn a long into a short sleeve, reshape a collar, remove a pocket, etc.

Should you wish us to become more aggressive with the stain removal, you agree to hold us harmless from possible damage.  Simply return the garment with the stain tag initialed on front.  An honest assessment of our "heroic" stain removal track record is about 40% without damage to the garment.

My zipper (beads, sequins, decorative or plastic trim, etc.) melted and would no longer zip the last time my clothes were cleaned at an ordinary dry cleaner.  How will H2Only Cleaners prevent this from happening?

You've already prevented this from happening by bringing your clothes to H2Only Cleaners!  Ordinary dry cleaners use chemical solvents that attack plastics and many synthetic materials.  Additionally, they use "hot head presses" to finish garments with high heat and pressure sandwiching the
items in these presses.  OUCH!!

At H2Only Cleaners, our solvent is pure water and our state-of-the-art finishing equipment is Veit European Tensioning Equipment (Used by manufacturers of the finest clothing prior to  shipment to their retailers).

While no one can guarantee that every stain will come out, we pride ourselves in our ability to remove stains without risk of damage to the garment.  Should these reasonable and prudent efforts fail, you may wish to sign a damage waiver for more intense, but possibly damaging methods in the hopes salvaging your garment.

Our Pledge To You:  H2Only Cleaners Is A Family Business.  Our Reputation Rests With The Satisfaction Of Our Customers.  We Promise To Care For Your Garments As Our Own And Return Them To You In The Best Condition Possible.  If You Are Not Satisfied, We Will Clean Them Again At No Charge.