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Our primary focus is our customers, and we use only fresh, pure water and non-toxic, biodegradable soaps and conditioners, to Wet Clean your garments.  You can rest assured that we care for the environment as much as we care for your clothes.  We even use biodegradable bagging to protect your freshly cleaned items.

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We accept cash, bank debit cards and major  credit cards such as Visa, American Express and MasterCard.
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Pollution Free ... See what the EPA and The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has to say about PERC (perchloroethylene).  We pride ourselves on being pollution free.
Competitively Priced                                                             Pickup and Dropoff                                                                Non-Toxic & Non-Polluting                                  

Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill
  Chapel Hill
(919) 933-7202
(919) 929-5170
(919) 619-8787
(919) 846-1266
400 Elliot Road Ext.
Southern Village
Greenbridge Condos
Strickland Crossings
Open 7-7 M-F, 9-4 Sat.
Open 7-7 M-F, 9-4 Sat.
Open 7-7 M-F, 9-4 Sat.
Open 7-7 M-F, 10-3 Sat.
NOTICE: Due to a recent fire at our H2Only production facility, we have been forced to discontinue the operation of our business of 12 plus years. Luckily no-one was injured in the fire. It has been an honor to serve you and earn your trust. Your loyalty helped us to achieve something that was a source of pride for us. Medlin-Davis Cleaners has graciously agreed to take over our pick-up locations and our delivery routes. We encourage you to allow them to earn your loyalty over the coming years. The reason for selecting Medlin-Davis Cleaners is because they also offer 100% H20 cleaning (Wet Cleaning) in addition they also offer environmentally friendly Dry-Cleaning. They have been a family owned business since 1948 and, in addition to offering high quality cleaning and customer service; care for the environment is their top priority.
Medlin-Davis Cleaners has taken over two stores in Chapel Hill, The Galleria on 400 South Elliot road and Southern Village on 712 Market Street and the pick-up and delivery service. The Greenbridge Condominiums store in Chapel Hill and the Strickland Crossings store in Raleigh have been closed down. Existing customers should not notice any interruption or change in service
Please visit our website at www.medlindavis.com or call us on 919-480-7943 with any questions